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About Us

DKHosting is the new name for Interzurf, Interzurf was made from a series of websites we had in the past. Those websites were a chatsite with profiles, a site to upload and share files, create photoalbums, make groups and talk or chat with members, a weblog, a “Hyves”-images website (Dutch social website, kinda like Facebook) and much more.

Interzurf was the pool behind all those websites, we came up with the ideas, created the sites. After a few years using the name Interzurf we’ve decided it’s time for something new; a new name!

Today we only offer hosting and want to help people to have and manager a website without having high costs. With us you choose your domain and your pack, we’ll take care of it all. It’s easy, we use WordPress.

WordPress is free, has many free themes and plugins, and it’s available in every language so you can create the best content for your visitor.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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We use WordPress for our own websites and every website we built for others. The reason; fast, easy, secure and especially: FREE!


Cheap any easy hosting for all of your websites, including domainregistration.